Change Windows 7 Default File Save Location:


As many people who follow this site may know I recently switched from Linux to Windows 7 as my daily operating system. This morning I saved a file as the default “save” in word instead of “save as” which is what I normally do. I then looked in my users My Documents directory and the file wasn’t there. At this point I was perplexed and a little annoyed so I ran a search for the file and found it in C:/Users/Public/My Documents which is not where I wanted it to go. I am not sure whether this was user error and I just somehow set up my system wrong or if this is the default Windows 7 behaviour. Either way I decided to out line how I straightened it out.

When saving a file, you can select a library to save it in, but because Libraries aren’t real locations, the file is stored to the defined save folder. The default libraries are set to save files in the associated folder, such as My Documents or Public Documents. In my case my files were set to save to C:/Users/Public/My Documents rather than C:/Users/purehate/My Documents like I wanted.

In order to change this behaviour we need to reset the properties of the folder. In my case I want to change the My Documents folder so follow these steps.

  1. Open the start menu and click on your users name in the top right corner.

User account          ll


2. Next right click on the Documents folder listed in the left hand pane under libraries and then choose ‘proprieties".

User account       llll

3. So as you can see there are actually 2 save locations defined here. The one with the black check mark is the default one which is in Public.
4. So I want to highlight the other folder which is C:/User/محمد/My Documents which is where I want my files to save and then click the set save location button.

User account1       lllll

5. Now the issue is that there are 2 file save locations and I only need one, so I simply delete the other one.

lll     lllllll


6. Now all the default saves will go to my users home directory. I had to do this for all the files that were defined under library including My Documents, Music, Pictures etc.


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